At The Water's Edge - A Walk in the Wild

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Author's foreword

For the last 30 years, I have taken the same circular walk from my home deep in a Scottish glen up to a small hill loch on the estate.  Each day brings a new observation or an unexpected encounter - a fragile spider’s web, an osprey struggling to lift a trout from the water or a woodcock exquisitely camouflaged on her nest - and every day on my return home, I record my thoughts in a journal.

Drawing on this lifetime of close observation, this book encourages us to look again at the nature around us and to discover its wildness for ourselves. 

At The Water’s Edge is a lyrical hymn to the wildlife of Britain, and a powerful warning to respect and protect it.

Excerpt from the book:


I left the dogs curled in their kitchen basket, pulled on my old jacket, my boots, had and gloves, grabbed my binoculars and stick and set out on the circular walk I have done more times than I can count, I turned up the Avenue between the tall trunks of ancient limes and horse chestnuts, kicking the drifts of leaves across the path just for the reassuring swishing sound they make.

My walk takes me gently uphill, northwards with the sun at my back towards high, rocky crags and then round to face the lurching clouds of the Atlantic west by following the Avenue's parallel lines of lofty trees, precisely planted by Victorian landscape gardeners.  Now, more than a century later, in the reassuring way that nature always does in the end, the trees have broken free.


“John Lister-Kaye is one of the most joyful, inspirational naturalists I know.  This wonderful collection of wildlife encounters will make anyone want to pull on their boots and rediscover the world on our doorsteps.”
Kate Humble

“An intimate book … Lister-Kaye combines a scientist’s pragmatic focus with a poet’s yearning soul”

"Finely crafted … Rising at to take a summer walk might not be everyone’s glass of malt.  But through this gem of a book, at least you’ll discover why such journeys can be so life affirming.”
BBC Countryfile

“a delight …his writing hums with enthusiasm.”
Country  Life

“One of the finest nature writers in the language.”

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