Books with introductions by John Lister-Kaye:

North and West by Robin Noble, Birlinn 2003
The Kerracher Man by Eric Macleod, Sandstone Press 2007
Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell, Little Toller Books 2009
Wildlife Crime by Dave Dick, Whittles, 2012
Otters Return to the Tweed by Laurie Campbell and Anna Levin,  2014 A National Treasure: Dawyck: It's Fungal Heritage, by Prof Roy Watling, Stockwell 2015                                                                     The Long View, Two years with seven remarkably ordinary trees, by Rob & Harriet Fraser,  somewhere-nowhere 2017          


Nature writing anthologies containing John Lister-Kaye's work:

Nature Tales - Encounters with Britain's Wildlife complied by Michael Allen & Sonya Patel Ellis. Elliott & Thompson 2010
Hedgerows Heaped with May edited by Stephen Moss, Aurum Press 2012



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